If you are a cross-cultural missionary, humanitarian aid worker or educator and are looking for ways to be restored and recharged, we've got you.

Through our Debriefing & Revival re-entry program, we will help you process your story so you can thrive in your next season, no matter where that takes you. Join us in Northern California where a skilled and experienced team has tailored an all-inclusive week for adults, adolescents and children who have lived between worlds and are looking for a safe and nourishing environment to unload, process and get refueled.

We have been where you are and understand many of the pains and joys, losses and gains that embracing other cultures may bring.

Our diversified team has had decades of experience professionally assisting those in the field through transitions, traumas and crisis, as well as living as expatriates while embracing different cultures.

We have seen and experienced the power of redemption and the beauty of restoration of those learning to love.

We believe in YOU. So much so, that we have created International Care. We exist to serve and empower you to reach your highest potential - restored and re-calibrated.

Through Debriefing at International Care we have been able to find healing and freedom by sharing openly with a counselor who understands what it's like to be a missionary overseas. We are so thankful for this ministry and how it has changed our lives in such a significant way!

Elise Missionary in Africa

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