It is not your job to think of the worst case scenario when going or sending a team overseas. But it is ours to have the tools to help you be prepared for it.

Some of our clients who have had 'team scares' in the past have shared their wish for an affordable way to have evacuation services easily accessible. They either had to deal with the hardships of coordinating a medical rescue operation in a foreign culture, having to transfer a team member who had an acute illness from one hospital to a better equipped one, in a different country, or managing to take the whole team out of a region that suddenly became a high risk destinations for political reasons.

We hope you never have to deal with the challenges these situations - or others worse - can bring. But if your team or destinations are subject to a high risk rating either for medical or security reasons, we have the right team to be there when it counts.

Many of the health insurances we represent offer evacuation and repatriation services as an included benefit. But if you prefer to be taken back to your home country rather than the closest qualified healthcare facility in the insurance companies network - or if your insurance plan simply does not include this service - International Care is honored to partner with two of the leading companies in the market to provide you with flexible and smart evacuation memberships:

We can help you better understand your options and find the right membership plan for your needs.

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