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Beyond Duty of Care and Talent Management 

International Care believes organizations and their teams can gain resilience and thrive in spite of stressful circumstances, when the individuals self care and agency policy and practices are designed and managed to optimize staff care and emotional wellness.

Whole person development is essential when leading in global mobility. Staff and leadership growth, candidacy and pre-assignment assessment, psychological evaluations, counseling and training are vital elements that will empower you to have a healthy workforce.

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Quality staff care creates an emotionally resilient and productive workforce.

Organizations, teams and their people can thrive and even gain resilience in spite of stressful circumstances, when the individuals self care and agency policy and practices are designed and managed to optimize staff care and emotional wellness.

Our services are performed by experienced professionals who have lived and worked in challenging international settings and are informed by best and emerging practices in the field of staff care to international NGO’s and faith based mission organizations. Our service consultants will help develop staff care plans and initiatives tailored to your organization and its teams in their own unique settings that will optimize individual, team and organization resilience, wellness and productivity.


Cross cultural resilience and well being assessments.

The three top ranking reasons that cross cultural assignments fail are: inability to adapt to the new culture (or team), spouse dissatisfaction, and familial concerns. Our certified coaches use the Cerny Smith assessment, CSA, as a powerful tool to identify and address such challenges to resilience and emotional wellness. The CSA can be used pre-deployment to inform training, and provide a clear baseline of well being. The CSA is valuable during assignment to evaluate and inform self care practices and consultant interventions.​

Pre, post and during assignment support consultations​

Our coaching and counseling consultants offer consistent support to staff by telephone, video, or face to face. Stress, anxiety, depression, and relational conflict are common in unfamiliar and stressful locations. Our consultants offer support, direction, accountability for staff emotional wellness self care activities.


Healthy reintegration through the transition seasons provides each individual with the value and support that is needed. Our intensive program restores, revitalizes and renews. Click here to learn more about Debriefing & Revival.

Traumatic stress/Critical incident debriefing

Individuals and teams often struggle to regain resilience and full capacity following highly stressful, traumatic events. Our consultants are experienced and sensitive to many types of traumatic events common in the field, and offer skilled and compassionate aid to manage crisis and bring needed emotional care. We serve those experiencing the trauma,and team leadership for response plans to restore resilience and full functioning to the team.

Stress and Time Management

Unfamiliar and unstable often create unprecedented stress levels and can unravel their time and productivity management skills and habits. timely coaching interventions to optimize stress self care results in a thriving,productive worker. Productivity rises while absenteeism staff attrition and training requirements are reduced.​

Resilience and Emotional Wellness Inventory

This inventory is for people investing in their own resilience and emotional wellness. Designed to be completed monthly by computer, this inventory tracks trends and patterns in emotional well being, builds awareness and prompts action for self care & work/life balance. The inventory assists your emotional wellness coach, to stay informed and engaged in supporting your wellness status and growth.​

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