Because crossing cultures is not for the faint of heart

The experience of crossing cultures is similar and yet unique for different people and personalities. We don't all respond alike to change. So why should our approach to your emotional health be a one-size-fits-all? 

That's why we created THRIVE, our tailored and flexible solution to match wellness and resilience while helping you meet your staff care needs.

Between intercultural adaptation diagnostic tools, specialist guided counseling sessions, pastoral calls and other valuable resources, you choose the tools you need for your specific season. And when the needs change, so does your plan. Thrive is International Care's way to lock arms with you in a safety net, so you can go farther and stronger. 

Our network of service providers include experienced relational and mental health counselors, marriage and family therapists, child and Third Culture Kid care providers, trauma specialists, various inner healing model providers, life, stress and nutritional coaches, professionally run group therapies, debriefing and re-entry support, peer support groups and cross-cultural stress test, assessment and coaching.

Thrive Membership Options

Pastoral Care

The pastoral care services are designed to foster a safe, trusting and consistent relationship beyond the missionaries’ direct administrative, social and financial support networks.

Experienced and trained pastors, missionaries and related spiritual leaders (with similar backgrounds, whenever possible) provide encouragement and affirmation, a caring and listening ear, prayer ministry and foundational Biblical guidance and support. 


Pre, Post and During Assignment Support Consultations

Stress, anxiety, depression, and relational conflict are common in unfamiliar and stressful locations. We have been honored to walk with many who are impacting the world. And through our licensed counseling consultants and coaches' consistent support (by telephone, video, or face to face), we have seen them walk out of the above healed, empowered and in freedom.  

Debriefing & Re-Entry

If you are a cross-cultural missionary, humanitarian aid worker or educator and are looking for ways to be restored and recharged on completion of assignment, re-entry or retooling, our Debriefing and Re-Entry program is for you.

Our Debriefing & Revival sessions can be held online,  in one of our week-long intensive events in Northern California or, per organizations request, where you are.

We will help you, your family or your team process your stories so you can thrive in your next season, no matter where your job takes you. 

Computerized Emotional Wellness Check-in

A monthly-customized inventory designed as a confidential tool that promotes self-awareness, prompts resourcefulness and personal responsibility, tracks trends and development in personal wellness and invites the opportunity to ask for help, accountability and prayer.

People Involved: Field worker/staff member International Care team

Goals: The inventory alerts our team to critical need, and also helps direct our staff care interventions. Multiple studies have demonstrated more accurate and honest disclosure when an inventory is computer-based rather than administered person to person.

Trauma or Critical Incident Debriefing

Individuals and teams often struggle to regain resilience and full capacity following highly stressful, traumatic events.

Our consultants are experienced and sensitive to many types of traumatic events common in the field, and offer skilled and compassionate aid to manage crisis and bring needed emotional care.

We serve those experiencing the trauma, and team leadership for response plans to restore resilience and full functioning to the team.

HEAL (Hope-filled Encouraging Affirming Loving) Messages

Deliverable: standard mail.

Reinforcement of personal development and self-care messages delivered weekly by email or snail mail. 

These messages are designed to strengthen and uplift, sustain and restore.

Preferred Access to Services

As part of Thrive, International Care offers specialized and customized services* such as in-depth and issue-specific inner healing sessions, CerneySmith Assessment (cross cultural stress test and coaching), intercultural effectiveness scale (IES) and strengths and gifts assessments.

* In order to meet the needs of our members, additional services will be provided on a fee for service basis.

Our certified coaches use the Cerny Smith Assessment, a powerful tool to identify and address challenges to resilience and emotional wellness.

The CSA can be used pre deployment to inform training, and provide a clear baseline of well being. And is valuable during assignment to evaluate and inform self care practices and consultant interventions.

Do you have a challenge we can help you with? 

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