Let's talk about how smart travel is done 

International Care has teamed up with the leading humanitarian travel service in the world Raptim Humanitarian Travel - a global not-for-the-profit organization dedicated to meet the uncommon travel needs of humanitarian, faith-based, educational and volunteer organizations, as well as corporate clients - experts in complex itineraries, urgent response and respectful service. 

​Together, we work with humanitarian travelers from all walks of life. Let us help you streamline your management process for you and your organization on every part of the globe.




Free Luggage

Your organization may qualify for discounted fares, free luggage and extra miles.*

Are you ready to save?

* Extra baggage allowance on some carriers.

Annika Expatriate, founder of Development NGO in a closed country

International Care helped my family get back to the country we're working in and helped us find flights that gave us the amount of bags that we needed on an airline that would be easier with our infant son and at a price we could afford. I can't say how much I appreciate this organization. They easily saved us thousands of dollars. I highly recommend this wonderful group of people.

Next time you fly on a mission, let us help you save.
So you can spend on what you choose to.

Contact International Care's dedicated Raptim Travel Desk at travel@icareemail.com
or call us +1-530-678-2223 for expert advice, benefits and savings on your travel plans.

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