We joined forces with the genius Global Warning System

to bring you Safeture

Safeture is a mobile-based warning, communication and tracking system created to protect and communicate with travelers - even when roaming or wi-fi are not available. Now, that's what we call smart innovation.

Integrated travel risk management solution

Safeture services integrate two security tools: the Safeture App and the Safeture Instant Security Overview (ISO) system. The app ensures personal security for traveling employees on the go. The ISO system gives your security teams a platform to access real-time information and data about traveling employees.

About Safeture ISO system

The Safeture Instant Security Overview (ISO) system allows your central and local security managers to locate and communicate with employees anywhere in the world in real-time via the Safeture app. Thanks to a patented positioning technology, the ISO directly links to travelling employees through your organization’s Safeture account. You get precise data and statistics about company travelers and assets. Send SMS or data directly from any office to keep individual employees informed and ahead in their business travels.

About Safeture App

The Safeture App provides real-time warnings, alerts and and information as well as one-click connection to local SOS emergency response services. Wherever your employee is traveling in the world, the app uses positioning to identify his or her current location and send local area alerts and security information. Plus, local organization - or company-specific information - can be automatically and directly linked to individual traveling employees via the ISO system.

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